Okanagan Treasure Hunters Club


2018 Calendar of Events

(for more information, contact by email at okanagantreasurehuntersclub@gmail.com)

March 20th - Club Meeting

April 17th - Club Meeting

May 15th - Club Meeting

June 19th - Club Meeting

July 17th - Club Meeting

Aug 21st - Club Meeting

Sept 7th & 8th - 10th Annual "Treasures In the Sand" Hunt (Penticton, BC) 
Sept 18th - Club Meeting

Oct 16th - Club Meeting

Nov 20th - Club Meeting

2017 Calendar of Events

March 21st - Club Meeting
March 26th - Club hunt at Sunoka Beach

April 18th - Club Meeting

April 22nd - Club hunt at Powell Beach

May 16th - Club Meeting
May 27th & 28th - Club hunt at the Keremeos Rodeo grounds

June 20th - Club Meeting

July 18th - Club Meeting
July 23rd - Club hunt at Rutland Park

Aug 15th - Club Meeting

Sept 8th & 9th - Treasures in the Sand
Sept 19th - Club Meeting

Oct 17th - Club Meeting

Nov 21st - Club Meeting

2016 Calendar of Events

Feb 16th - Club Meeting

March 15th - Club Meeting

April 19th - Club Meeting
April 23rd - Club Hunt, Powell Beach, Powell Beach Rd, Summerland, BC @ 10:00am

May 17th - Club Meeting
May 28th - Club Hunt, Keremeos Rodeo Grounds, 3010 River Road East, Keremeos, BC @10:30 am

June 11th - Club Hunt, Apex Ski Resort, 1000 Stray Horse Rd, Hedley, BC @ 10:30 am (weather permitting). All club members and guests are welcome.
June 21st - Club Meeting

July 19th - Club Meeting

Aug 16th - Club Meeting

Sept 9th & 10th - 8th Annual "Treasures In the Sand" Hunt (Penticton, BC)
Sept 20th
- Club Meeting

Oct 18th - Club Meeting

Nov 15th - Club Meeting


2015 Calendar of Events

March 17th - Club Meeting

April 21st - Club Meeting

May 2nd - Club Hunt, Powell Beach, Powell Beach Rd, Summerland, BC.
May 19th - Club Meeting
May 23rd - Club Hunt, Keremeos Rodeo Grounds, 3010 River Road East, Keremeos, BC @10am

June 17th - Club Meeting - Note: Wednesday, not Tuesday

July 21st - Club Meeting

Aug 18th - Club Meeting

Sept 11th & 12th - Treasures In The Sand
Sept 15th - Club Meeting

Oct 20th - Club Meeting

Nov 17th - Club Meeting


2014 Calendar of Events

May: 20th - Club Meeting
May: 24th - Club Hunt, Keremeos Elks rodeo grounds, 3010 River Road East, Keremeos. Start time for this hunt will be 11:00am. All club members and guests are welcome.

June: 17th - Club Meeting
June: 21st - Club Hunt, Granite City, BC. We will have use of a private campground adjoining the site of the old ghost town. Camping is available for Friday and Saturday. Club members and guests are welcome and we have also invited members of the Vancouver and Chilliwack clubs to join us. This is a seeded hunt with registration beginning at 10:00am and the first hunt at 11:00 am.

July: 15th - Club Meeting
July: 26th - 2nd Annual Treasure Chest Hunt, Chilliwack, BC (Put on by Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters, Chilliwack, BC)

Aug: 19th - Club Meeting

Sept: 6th - 6th Annual "Treasures in the Sand" Hunt (Penticton, BC) with optional Friday night hunt on Sept 5th
Sept: 16th - Club Meeting

Oct: 21st - Club Meeting

Nov: 18th - Club Meeting




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